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Title First Name Last Name Rating
Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp Logan Marshall 3
Puss-in-Boots Logan Marshall 4
Adventures of Tom Thumb Logan Marshall 3
Beauty and the Beast Logan Marshall 5
Jack the Giant Killer Logan Marshall 4
Dick Whittington and His Cat Logan Marshall 3
The Little Match Girl Logan Marshall 5
Adam and Eve Logan Marshall
Noah and the Ark Logan Marshall
Hagard and Ishmael Logan Marshall
Abraham and Isaac Logan Marshall
Jacob Logan Marshall
Jacob, The Sale of a Birthright Logan Marshall
Jacob, The Ladder That Reached to Heaven Logan Marshall
Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors Logan Marshall
Joseph and the Dreams of a King Logan Marshall
Joseph and the Money in the Sacks Logan Marshall
Joseph and the Mystery of the Lost Brother Logan Marshall
Moses, The Child Who Was Found in the River Logan Marshall
Grapes from Canaan Logan Marshall
Gideon and his Three Hundred Soldiers Logan Marshall
Samson, the Strong Man Logan Marshall
Ruth, The Gleaner Logan Marshall
David, the Shepherd Boy Logan Marshall
David, the Fight With the Giant Logan Marshall
The Cave of Adullam Logan Marshall
Solomon and His Temple Logan Marshall
Elijah, the Prophet Logan Marshall
Jonah and the Whale Logan Marshall
The Fiery Furnace Logan Marshall
Daniel in the Lion's Den Logan Marshall
The Angel by the Altar Logan Marshall
Jesus, The Babe of Bethlehem Logan Marshall
Jesus, The Star and the Wise Men Logan Marshall
Jesus, The Child in the Temple Logan Marshall
Jesus, The Water That Was Turned Into Wine Logan Marshall
Jesus, The Stranger at the Well Logan Marshall
Jesus, The Fisherman Logan Marshall
Jesus, The Sermon on the Mount Logan Marshall
Jesus, The Miracle Worker Logan Marshall
Jesus, The Good Shepherd and The Good Samaritan Logan Marshall
Jesus, The Palm Branches Logan Marshall
Jesus, The Betrayal Logan Marshall
Jesus, The Empty Tomb Logan Marshall
The Man at the Beautiful Gate Logan Marshall
Stephen, the first Martyr Logan Marshall
The Celestial Sisters Cornelius Mathews 4
The Boy who Set a Snare for the Sun  Cornelius Mathews 2
Strong Desire and the Red Sorcerer  Cornelius Mathews 3
The Wonderful Exploits of Grasshopper  Cornelius Mathews 3
The Two Jeebi  Cornelius Mathews 4
Osseo, the Son of the Evening Star  Cornelius Mathews 3
Gray Eagle and his Five Brothers  Cornelius Mathews 3
The Toad-Woman Cornelius Mathews 2
The Origin of the Robin  Cornelius Mathews 3
White Feather and the Six Giants  Cornelius Mathews 3
Sheem, the Forsaken Boy  Cornelius Mathews 1
The Magic Bundle Cornelius Mathews 2
The Red Swan Cornelius Mathews 3
The Man With his Leg Tied Up Cornelius Mathews 3
The Little Spirit or Boy-Man Cornelius Mathews
The Enchanted Moccasins Cornelius Mathews
He of the Little Shell Cornelius Mathews
Manabozho, the Mischief-Maker Cornelius Mathews
Leelinau, the Lost Daughter Cornelius Mathews
The Winter Spirit and His Visitor Cornelius Mathews
The Fire-Plume Cornelius Mathews
Weendigoes and the Bone-Dwarf Cornelius Mathews
The Bird Lover Cornelius Mathews
Bokwewa the Humpback Cornelius Mathews
The Crane that Crossed the River Cornelius Mathews
Wunzh, the Father of Indian Corn Cornelius Mathews
Twas the Night before Christmas
Clement Moore 5
Lincoln and the Little Girl Charles Moores 5
The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood Dinah Maria Mulock 5
Hop-O'-My-Thumb Dinah Maria Mulock 3
Cinderella Dinah Maria Mulock 5
 Adventures of John Dietrich  Dinah Maria Mulock 2
Beauty and the Beast  Dinah Maria Mulock 5
Little One Eye, Little Two Eyes, and Little Three Eyes  Dinah Maria Mulock 4
Jack the Giant Killer Dinah Maria Mulock 4
Tom Thumb  Dinah Maria Mulock 3
Rumpelstilzchen  Dinah Maria Mulock 3
Fortunatus  Dinah Maria Mulock 3
The Bremen Town Musicians  Dinah Maria Mulock 5
Riquet With the Tuft  Dinah Maria Mulock 4
House Island  Dinah Maria Mulock 4
Snow White and Rose Red Dinah Maria Mulock 3
Jack and the Bean Stalk Dinah Maria Mulock 3
Graciosa and Percinet  Dinah Maria Mulock 4
The Iron Stove  Dinah Maria Mulock 5
The Invisible Prince  Dinah Maria Mulock 3
The Woodcutter's Daughter  Dinah Maria Mulock 4
Brother and Sister  Dinah Maria Mulock 5
Little Red Riding Hood Dinah Maria Mulock 5
Puss in Boots  Dinah Maria Mulock 5
The Wolf and the Seven Young Goslings  Dinah Maria Mulock 5
The Fair One With Golden Locks  Dinah Maria Mulock 4
The Butterfly  Dinah Maria Mulock 3
The Frog Prince Dinah Maria Mulock 4
The White Cat  Dinah Maria Mulock 3
Prince Cherry  Dinah Maria Mulock 4
Little Snowdrop  Dinah Maria Mulock 5
The Blue Bird  Dinah Maria Mulock 3
The Yellow Dwarf  Dinah Maria Mulock 3
The Six Swans  Dinah Maria Mulock 4
The Prince With the Nose  Dinah Maria Mulock 4
The Hind of the Forest  Dinah Maria Mulock 4
The Juniper Tree  Dinah Maria Mulock 4
Clever Alice Dinah Maria Mulock 2